We are proud to be part of the community here in South Austin. West Creek Dental is a locally owned and family oriented dental practice. Our staff is highly experienced and we pride ourselves in providing personal care with a smile. Our services include care for young children, adults and seniors.

We do not believe that a high volume industrial type clinic is where you necessarily want to go to keep you and your family healthy and smiling, so our goal is to provide that family friendly vibe with a personal touch, with all the professional expertise that you should expect.

We promise to make your experience at West Creek Dental one of the best you have ever had.


Cosmetic dentistry is a general term and may involve one or several different procedures. The addition of a dental material to teeth or gums - examples: bonding, porcelain veneers (laminates), crowns (caps), gum grafts, the removal of tooth structure or gums - examples: enameloplasty, gingivectomy. It may also mean neither adding nor removing dental materials, tooth structure or gums - examples: teeth whitening (bleaching), gum depigmentation or straightening of teeth accompanied by improvement in appearance of face - Orthodontics.

Dental Bonding

In the situation that a tooth is considered so threatened (because of decay, cracking, etc.) that future infection is considered likely or inevitable, a pulpectomy, removal of the pulp tissue, is advisable to prevent such infection. Usually, some inflammation and/or infection is already present within or below the tooth. To cure the infection and save the tooth, the dentist removes the infected pulp out of the root canal(s). After this is done, the dentist fills each of the root canals and the chamber with an inert material and seals up the opening. It is best that the tooth be fitted with a crown.

Dental Implants

Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. It is the most popular treatment by both men and women alike and the treatments available range from one-hour one-time dental visits to take-home do-it-yourself kits. Tooth whitening is popular because it can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth at much less cost and inconvenience than other techniques.

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